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tattoo & body modification

In 2012 I began writing for the London based boutique tattoo magazine, Things & Ink.

The Samoan Pe'a is a traditional tattoo used as a form of rite of passage. My friend Chris shared his story with me

After a botched bank robbery Johnny "Halves" was incarcerated and used tattoo as a means to survive. Read Tattooing in Australian Prisons

over the years my writing has appeared in national and international publications such as The Conversation, The Guardian, VICE, DAZED, Archer, INKED, and Skin Deep.

JILF is a sadomasochist. They shared their story with me for VICE. This article was adapted into a documentary

Tattoo was one of MOMAs 111 most influential fashion items. I covered their exhibition for Dazed

I've written about my experience taking ayahuasca with a shaman and infusing saline into my scrotum (not at the same time!). I have produced documentaries on extreme body modification, contributed to tattoo books, participated in interviews on national radio and presented at international conferences.

Brutal Black Project is a tattoo collective that prioritise pain over aesthetic. I wrote about their work for a global audience.

the stories of body modification that I have always been interested in are those driven by a desire for other modes of knowing and being that are gained by asserting and articulating modified bodies in relation to oppressive categories and assumptions about what it is to be.

I covered Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks, a suite of tattoo exhibitions at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum, published in The Conversation

My honours research project focused on conceptualisations of purposeful pain and was entitled, "Becoming heavily tattooed in the postmodern west: sacred rite, "modern primitives", or profane simulation?"

to view all of my published work & more please visit:


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